“Freedom Day”

“Freedom Day”

Posted on July 18th 2021

As we move into Stage 4, and ‘Freedom day’, there are many reasons why it is not so simple for us to get back to ‘normal’.

Given the Covid situation is far from resolved (and who knows what news tomorrow might bring…) we have as a team, decided to continue to maintain high Covid-safe practices for the foreseeable future.

As a small family-run business, if one of our team contracted Covid, or we had to self isolate we would be forced to close the business and cancel the long-awaited holidays of many, at a time when it wouldn’t be possible to find alternative accommodation locally.

Plus, many of our younger team members haven’t yet been vaccinated, so we need to

pay particular attention to keep them safe.

In speaking with our current guests, the feedback has been very supportive that we continue our current way of working, many have found it an improvement!

Therefore our priority is to keep our staff and our customers safe and continue to provide a wonderful, peaceful, restful experience for everyone who visits us this Summer.

We hope our guests and regulars can support us in this decision (which has not been taken lightly!) We are very aware that we have been unable to be open for our regular bar and restaurant guests, and we miss you! But until such a time that we can reopen fully with confidence, it is too great a risk to take, sadly.

For the foreseeable future, this is our plan:-
We will continue to maintain a safe, calm environment for everyone who visits us.
We will continue to manage an enhanced cleaning and quarantine program, to reduce the risk of transmission
We will continue to wear masks when we serve food and drinks and ask that you wear a mask when in the public areas of the building, particularly where the space is limited
We will continue to keep the building well-aired. Our high ceilings and sash windows make this easy in most rooms.
Our resident guests will be able to enjoy breakfast, lunch and evening meals without stress should they wish to. We will not be catering for non-resident guests, to ensure this commitment is not compromised.
Because of the way we are operating our food, we ask our guests to pre-order their menu choices – for breakfast the night before, and for dinner by 3pm that day.
Our heated pool will be available, bookable in advance as an hour’s swim between 10am-7pm daily.
We will continue to avoid entering our guest’s rooms on a daily basis, and refresh rooms for longer stays every 4th day. A daily replenishment system is in place to provide fresh mugs, fresh milk and any toiletries/tea & coffee required.
A member of our friendly team is on hand to provide whatever support is necessary throughout the day.

Thank you for your support and understanding

We wish everyone health and happiness