Fossiling on the Jurassic Coast

Fossiling on the Jurassic Coast

Posted on August 20th 2019

When visiting the East Devon and West Dorset coast, one of the most popular activities is fossicking, or fossil hunting. As a UNESCO World Heritage site, the 95 miles of the Devon and Dorset coastline are geologically significant to our global understanding of 185million years of the Earth’s history.

Walk along the beach as the tide is receding and collect your own Jurassic, Triassic or Cretaceous fossils.

Everyone loves to fossil hunt! Youngsters imagine dinosaurs roaming our beaches and marvel in holding a creature in their hands which lived millions of years before. Others enjoy the therapeutic rhythm of wandering the coast and sifting visually through the rocks on the beach.  Finding a ‘fools gold’ iron

pyrite ammonite is like a piece of treasure in your hand, and not uncommon along our beaches!

For those who take the activity more seriously, or want to ensure they definitely find a piece of Jurassic history to take home, there are plenty of guides and guided walks to help you and provide a mine of information on the region and geology. Visit the Charmouth Heritage Coast centre – a wonderful resource for learning, or Lyme Regis Museum, or one of the many palaeontologists and geologists who can guide your adventure.

What better souvenir to remind you of your visit to the Jurassic Coast, than a Jurassic fossil of a creature from so many millions of years before?

Charmouth Heritage Coast Centre

Lyme Regis Museum

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